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Bombarded by over 5,000 ads per day, what advertising approach connects best with customers?
Answer: Not faceless, low-effort, easy-to-ignore emails.

The Best Customer Advertising requires us to be more human by showing we care. Customers are impacted most when they can hold it, read it, feel it, give undivided attention to it and respond to it. Hint: The Tangible Approach.

Bombarded by over 5,000 ads per day, what advertising approach connects best with customers?Answer: Not faceless,…

Posted by MediaMax Direct on Friday, October 20, 2017


The Problem With EDDM (solved with postal barcodes).



Direct Mail Marketing: Real, Reliable, Like America’s Pastime.

Like Major League baseball players, business owners show up on time, ready-to-play, grind it out and have fun doing it. Always looking for that competitive edge. Have you heard, Traditional Mail is Back!

Integrate MediaMax Direct Mail Advantage in your marketing plan.

#ThisSeason on Baseball …

Posted by MLB on Monday, March 27, 2017


Fun, Creative Mailboxes

Fun, Creative & Personal Mailboxes are as unique as their owners. It’s a privilege to send real U.S. Mail to individuals like you!

Do you have a unique mailbox? If so, post it to our Facebook page. Please like our page. 

MediaMax Direct Mail Advantage presents:Fun, Creative & Personal Mailboxes are as unique as their owners. It's a…

Posted by MediaMax Direct on Thursday, March 23, 2017



Early U.S. Mail

Tangible Mail was The Ultimate “Touchpoint” between businesses and customers then. Today, it’s a proactive driving force, reaching customers’ hands, selling products & services while accelerating visits to websites and improving engagement with other social media.


Are competitors luring your customers away?

You can lure them back. Our proactive postcards entice customers with consistent offers and value only your brand can provide. Integrating our Postcards with your Website/Facebook/Twitter will generate even more Customer Touchpoints and trigger sales. Now, who’s luring customers away from whom?


Women Are Key To Family Purchases

Why do we feature so many pictures of women shoppers on our Facebook page? Because, women are responsible for 85% of household purchases, whether they spend the money themselves or influence the purchase through someone else. Women have serious buying power and they’re the gatekeepers to the family budget. Your business can focus attention on female consumers, from healthcare to automotive and everything in between, by targeting them with MediaMax Direct Mail Advertising.



Full Saturation Mailing

MediaMax Direct Mail does “Full-Saturation Mailing” for our mail clients. We’ve done it for 16+ years. It’s like Every Door Direct Mail but without the limitations of mail-piece size. And there are NO rubber-banded bundle requirements. Our customers get all the benefits of reaching Every Door without post office constraints and MediaMax does the work from start to finish! If you’d like to Reach Every Address with postcards around your business and nearby areas, contact us at MediaMax Direct Mail.


Stay In Touch.

Does your company thrive on repeat business? Then make staying in touch with your happy customers a high priority.

One of the best ways to remain “in touch” is to Print & Mail postcards to your cleaned & updated customer database with guaranteed delivery. Postcards are proactive, tangible and are rarely ignored especially when sent from a company they already know and like. Postcards keep your business Top Of Mind and ensure customers come back and stay engaged while delivering reliable cash flow and ROI. Your customers are also your best outside sales team because they tell others about your business!

Be Creative! Offer customers a compelling reason to come back and do business with you every month! And watch them return again and again for years to come.

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Combine “Digital” with “Tangible” Marketing!

In today’s increasingly digital world there is still an undeniable need for printed materials. When used as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, Large Postcards, Brochures and other direct mail can be the most tangible way to connect people with your brand and get them to take action.  Combine digital marketing with direct mail and watch your customer response grow!